Classic Air Ltd. was founded in 2000. We are the best capacity providers, offering both precise and swift solutions for tour operators, tourism professionals, and airlines.

We organize long, medium and short-range flights with Boeing and Airbus aircraft to a variety of destinations all over the world.

So How Are We Different From Others?​

Classic Air is a company with an excellent reputation in the aviation sector and our founders have been in the charter flights business since 1977. 

Fairness, precision and dependability are our guiding principles. Thanks to these values, we grow consistently and  successfully in a competitive market.

Classic Air is defined in three words: trust, know-how and experience.

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Classic Air organises hundreds of flights every year to various destinations in Europe, including Italy, Bulgaria, Romania and Germany, as well as to selected destinations all over the world. We specialise on private flights, pilgrimage flights, cargo flights, incentives and representation of various airlines.

The company’s approach is to assure all parties are satisfied, and enjoy a good, efficient, and profitable product that will prevail for a long time in the market.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we know how to find solutions for destinations that are in high demand, at a low cost. Furthermore, we are experts in ad-hoc flights. Classic Air provides solutions designed to reach destinations to which there are no regular flights, such as festivals, sports matches, concerts, international conferences and more.

Since 2022, Classic Air has become a part of Vector Group.